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Where To Study Surgery in 2020

Did you just graduate from high school and are passionate about taking surgery in college? Well, you will be pleased to know that there are several qualified surgery colleges that you can choose from. These colleges have been rated the best in 2020 and remain among the top choices for many students who want to be surgeons. These schools offer different surgical specialties.
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Look at the educational institutions where you can study surgery.

Havard University

There is no doubt that Harvard is one of the best universities in the world, considering all the programs that it offers. Students are mentored in their respective specialities and get opportunities to join internship in countries like Haiti and affiliated medical centers. Pursuing surgery at Harvard is, therefore, an option to consider.

Johns Hopkins University

Successful surgery applicants at Johns have a great chance to get research experience that takes several years. Students are offered residency programs which include transplantation, vascular, pediatric and plastic surgeries among many others.

Columbia University

Based in New York City, this is a top-ranking medical school that is worth registering in. Medicine students get a chance to perfect their surgical skills in this university by choosing specialities like neurological surgery, organ transplantation, microsurgery, among others. The school has a reliable full-time staff.

Karolinska Institute in Sweden

This is another prestigious surgical school that offers great programs. They have a research hospital where surgery students are involved in an internship during their study period. The Institute also provides accommodation.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

It is a medical ranking college in India and one that could make a good choice for any aspiring future surgeon. There is an entrance exam that students who wish to be admitted to the college have to pass.

University of Bologna

Interested in studying your Bachelor in Surgery in Italy? This university makes a perfect choice. It is a full-time campus where students get up to 6 years of study.

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